Captain’s French Adventures!

captains front cover art 001 2014  copy of original WITH NEW ARTWORK 300 dpi flattened hi res new size

The Laughter and Lighter side of French house hunting, purchase and renovation

Steven and Susan had a lifestyle decision to make that took them on a journey they had never dreamed of.

Follow their progress and live through the ups and downs, tears and laughter, meeting new friends and discovering new idylls while searching for a little bit of France.

Featuring cartoons, illustrations and photographs

Out soon in paperback & Kindle


2 thoughts on “Captain’s French Adventures!”

  1. Well if I had known how difficult it was going to be writing a book, then I think I should have stuck to building walls! Waiting for the final proof to drop through my letter box, getting excited seeing it in paperback after all the sleepless nights.

  2. It’s been an eventful morning. Just had the 3D view of my book from Amazon. Blimey it looks good spinning around on the screen, hope I have ironed out all the typo errors…..can’t wait for the paperback to arrive

    **********************OUT SOON!********************* Ready for Christmas

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