Sorry I have been away…….I have good reasons…….Honest!

Today I was lucky to talk on the Jeremy Vine show here in the UK about making money from blogs.

Although my blog wasn’t about making money it turned into a book which I hope has put plenty on smiles on faces reading it


Before the show finished I was selling books like hot cakes, downloads as well as paperbacks.

If you were one of those readers, thanks very much for making my day. The royalties from a couple of book sales buys a bag of cement that will be used to build our dream Moulin in France.

Check out Cayriech Images on google you will see a black and white drawing of an ancient mill, an old man sitting next to a goat, that’s our mill. We found this drawing by accident some years after buying the mill.

I should have recorded the show……..Doh!

It was on the BBC player for a month before it disappeared into the archives of life



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