Thanks to all you lovely people that have either bought my paperback or downloaded my book recently and in the last couple of days after my little bit of chatter on the Jeremy Vine show BBC 2 yesterday.

I know you will not be disappointed, I have some great reviews.

I am sure it will bring a smile to your face, it was fun living it and it’s all true.

I do hope you will be able to leave a review on Amazon as it helps all Indie authors get recognition and promotes sales. We don’t have the resources to advertise as the popular authors have.

Our books are just as worthy, we put our heart and soul into them.

A review good or bad is the only way of knowing that I have touched your heart it means a great deal to me.

Feel free to log in and ask questions

All the best Steve


Sorry I have been away…….I have good reasons…….Honest!

Today I was lucky to talk on the Jeremy Vine show here in the UK about making money from blogs.

Although my blog wasn’t about making money it turned into a book which I hope has put plenty on smiles on faces reading it


Before the show finished I was selling books like hot cakes, downloads as well as paperbacks.

If you were one of those readers, thanks very much for making my day. The royalties from a couple of book sales buys a bag of cement that will be used to build our dream Moulin in France.

Check out Cayriech Images on google you will see a black and white drawing of an ancient mill, an old man sitting next to a goat, that’s our mill. We found this drawing by accident some years after buying the mill.

I should have recorded the show……..Doh!

It was on the BBC player for a month before it disappeared into the archives of life



Thanks for following i will be updating my blog when my brain gets into gear!

lucinda E Clarke

I will be launching More Truth, Lies and Propaganda this week. I’m not sure which day yet and it will only be on kindle to start with. Amazon keep telling Dear Husband that he’s embedded fonts he’s never heard of, so we need to sort that out. But, because I’ve not missed a deadline in 40 years, I will format for Kindle and have it out in time for Easter if it kills me. So, watch this space, or rather my Facebook page and Goodreads, if I can ever get into their page, another nightmare! I will be posting the time in lots of groups as well.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures that illustrate one or two of the stories.


This is a lady who was acting the part for us in a trauma room at a rural police station.


This little girl was concentrating so hard…

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I don’t seem to be having much luck!

Visiting youtube for some insights about creating a decent blog site seems to be proving a bit more complicated……..all the tutorials seem to be using a host site other than wordpress so that they can use plugins………now here’s the thing if you get your site set up with wordpress and wordpress hositng like I have done, then the tutorials are not much good because wordpress do not allow plugins….

So it’s thinking caps on! and pondering what to do!

Getting to grips with WP2015

Well  am into my second week post spinal opp, no driving for 4 weeks having to lay flat but exercising 3 times a day no sitting up in bed so typing on laptop laying flat isn’t easy. I start with the laptop resting on raised legs then the laptop slowly slides down onto my chest LOL!

So I am making an effort to get my blog into shape I have got a lot of ideas, I just hope it all looks good.

I think I will invent a bracket that can support the laptop while laying down it could catch on with all those people with bad backs or the ones that fall asleep sitting up with laptop laying over them!

Well now have to start getting blog together!

All the best from me BTW check out the reviews of my book at amazon.co.uk

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope 2015 is your year, I hope it is ours, It’s been a long slog

Once I get to grips of how to work this wordpress thinamajig, I will put some news on.

But it’s great Christmas has gone! The run up seems to get longer every year……..I can now think about spring and building again….the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! It’s a neon sign saying “France This Way”